072 – F-117 Nighthawk

072 – F-117 Nighthawk

Featured Guest
Major Robert "Robson" Donaldson
Michigan ANG (Retired)

Lockheed Skunk Works is well known for its outrageous aircraft designs and cutting-edge technology. From the long list of visionary platforms comes today’s subject–an aircraft Lockheed wasn’t even originally invited to contribute a proposal for: the F-117 Nighthawk, also known as the “Stealth Fighter.” Retired Michigan ANG Major Robert “Robson” Donaldson joins us to describe this once-top secret mystery craft including all the usual ‘aircraft series’ topics as well as a DESERT STORM story that will have you equally rolling with laughter and trembling in fear.

During the listener question segment, guest co-host Tra “Fish” Calisch addresses how the term “cockpit” came to be, the use of drop tanks, and whether high altitude training can reduce aircrew susceptibility to hypoxia. Please visit our sponsor for this episode, Hawthorne and remember to use code JELLO for 10% off your first order. And if you’d like to help spouses and dependents of naval aviation members, check out the Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation and their 2020 event at wfw2020.givesmart.com.

Episode artwork adapted by Janek Krause / music by Jaime Lopez / announcements by Clint Bell. This episode was produced by our friends at The Muscle Car Place Podcast Network.

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