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029 – Fighter Pilots in Space

028 – Air Combat Simulation Gaming

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to fly a high-performance military jet fighter but now anyone can enjoy the incredibly realistic air combat simulation platforms available on the market today. From the astonishingly accurate aircraft recreation to the flawless graphics and imagery, air combat simulation is the next best thing for military aircraft aficionados, and without the long deployments!

Mr. Matt Wagner

On this episode, Mr. Matt Wagner of Eagle Dynamics joins us to discuss one of the most popular and most realistic platforms available today: Digital Combat Simulator. We cover how DCS came to be and what’s coming in the future. We also observe our host Jell-O try the Lot 20 F/A-18C simulation for the very first time while describing just how close it compares to the real thing (hint: it’s pretty darn close and his two years out of the cockpit really show!).

During the abbreviated listener question segment we address why some squadrons refer to themselves as “World Famous” and how fighters deal with contrails in tactical situations. …and speaking of gaming, if you want something a little more casual, check out Sky Knights created by one of our Swedish listeners.

Cover art DCS screen capture by Matt Wagner. Episode music by Jaime Lopez.

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