The Team

Vincent Aiello

Vincent Aiello


Vincent became enamored with aviation while attending an airshow at the age of 8. After high school he attended UCLA and participated in the NROTC program. Upon graduation he was commissioned into the United States Navy and was selected for pilot training. Vincent spent nearly 25 years in service flying mainly the F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet but also the F-16 Fighting Falcon during an adversary tour. He accrued over 3,800 flight hours and 705 carrier landings, having served as a TOPGUN instructor and air wing operations officer.

Vincent left the Navy in 2017 and now flies for a major airline. He and his family reside in San Diego, California.

Brian Sinclair


Brian hails from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and attended the US Naval Academy. Upon graduation and commissioning he was selected for pilot training and initially flew the S-3B Viking. Brian later transitioned to the F/A-18 Hornet and the Super Hornet. He served as a Naval Academy instructor and is a graduate of the US Air Force test pilot school. Brian has accrued over 2,800 flight hours in numerous military and civilian test aircraft.

Brian retired from the Navy in 2018 and now works for a government contracting company. He and his family reside in San Diego, California.

Eric Larson


As the son of a Vietnam-era helicopter pilot, Eric became interested in military aviation at a young age. He studied Aerospace Engineering at San Diego State University while participating in the NROTC program but lacked the visual acuity to select pilot. Instead, Eric served eight years as a Surface Warfare Officer on a San Diego, California-based Destroyer and a Norfolk, Virginia-aircraft carrier holding such billets as Combat Information Center Officer, Anti-Submarine and Anti-Surface Warfare Officer, Naval Gunfire Support Liaison Officer, and Asst Weapons Officer. Eric is a self-taught freelance photographer and lives in Carlsbad, California where he is self-employed in the IT industry.

Jamie Lopez

Jaime Lopez


Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, Jaime has loved jet fighters and warbirds since he was a kid. And the same goes for music—all sorts of music. From classical to the darkest side of metal; from jazz to electronic. He’s a melomaniac to the bone. Not only that: he’s a one man band who has created songs for documentaries, games, and now your favorite podcast! Check out Jaime’s website for more information and music samples.

Janek Krause


Janek is an Australian-based Graphic Designer who brings passion and creativity to the podcast following more than eight years of industry experience. He first became enamored with combat pilots after seeing Star Wars as a child. From there, Janek’s interest in combat aviation grew. In design, Janek strives to convey the same action and excitement he felt as a kid and is thrilled at having the opportunity to be part of the podcast team.

Rob Grady


Rob is from Louisville Kentucky and has had a lifelong passion for military aircraft and technology. Growing up, he built aircraft models, launched model rockets and read every book he could find on military aviation. As a career in military aviation was not in the cards, Rob studied International Relations, Business and Technology, which prepped him for the Internet boom.

After college and graduate school, Rob began his career in business technology and strategy. Over the years, he has built and led technology firms as well as acted as a key advisor for start-ups and Fortune 100 companies. Residing in Austin, Texas now, Rob runs a software development firm. When not working, he spends time with family and enjoys sharing his passion about aviation with his 4-year-old twin boys.

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