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Great book, thoroughly enjoying it so far. It’s much larger than I had anticipated (and very well worth the price!) and filled with countless information from various squadrons. Definitely pick it up if you have even the slightest interest in any of the [super] hornet/growler models!
– From Amazon reviewer ‘Kindle Customer’

The third installment in Kevin Miller’s trilogy is now out! Don’t miss the continuation of this exciting story chronicling the adventures of our naval aviator hero in a new world hot spot: the South China Sea.

A magnificent tribute to the unsung flying heroes of all military branch’s serving our country. All military history buffs should read this.
– Amazon Reviewer ‘Tom’

A well written book about the evolution of US Naval aircraft evolution from biplanes to jet aircraft. I had no idea how unprepared the country and Navy were to compete and win World War II. It tells a fascinating story of how an individual with a love of the sea and air could make such a difference in helping the country quickly and successfully respond to the military threat through teamwork, leadership and attention to detail.
– Amazon Reviewer ‘Peter’

I have lost so much sleep this week reading RAVEN ONE by Kevin Miller featured in Episode 20. Great summer read!
– FPP Listener Rob Wubbenhorst

One of those books you start reading and quickly find yourself forgoing things like: bathing, sleep, food. Seriously, a “page turner” for me and I was bummed out when I finished it.
– Amazon Reviewer ‘MD 7562’

A great book!!!! A must read if you are interested in how the military industrial complex works. If you never understood why the DOD has constant cost overruns on its projects this book will clear it up for you. Additionally, a little known fact, John Boyd developed the battle plan for the Gulf War using his OODA Loop strategy.
– Amazon Reviewer ‘Av8tor USAF Yukon, OK’

GRIPPING STUFF… the description of his classic dogfight with Colonel “Tomb” is worth the price of the book on its own.

Peak Business Performance Under Pressure

A world-class book from one of Naval Aviation’s greatest heroes.
– Mike McCabe, former Commander, U.S. Third Fleet

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