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The Turning Point

The world is a noisy place.

Communication devices are ubiquitous, ads and promotions are unavoidable, and our tablets, laptops, and televisions offer endless programming on every imaginable subject.

It’s no wonder most of us assume anything we might have to offer the world would simply add to the noise. We think there must already be countless websites and YouTube channels on whatever our interests or expertise may be. Often, we are correct.

But if you have a wild idea, some lingering notion that occasionally keeps you from falling right to sleep, don’t dismiss it.

See, when I first contemplated The Fighter Pilot Podcast some years ago, I suffered the same hesitance. I figured rightly that there must be hundreds of programs, websites, and social media channels devoted to military aviation. Being untrained in media, I assumed anything I could offer the world would be lost in the clutter.

The turning point was something my kid sister told me, and it’s what I want to share now:

What the world lacks, is you.

Your life experiences are yours alone. Your perspectives, your way of observing and reflecting on events are as unique as your fingerprints. Even your faults, your blemishes, are distinctive.

Sure, this hyper-connected, ‘on-demand’ existence is noisy, but it also allows us to reach others who value the perspective and reflections offered by our experiences—warts and all.

In the end, I launched the FPP because I reasoned at least a few of the world’s 7.6 billion people would welcome what I had to say (…that, and if it flopped then at least I would be able to get right to sleep).

I underestimated the ‘few.’

Within weeks of launching I was invited to be a guest on several other aviation-themed shows. Our local community newspaper highlighted the podcast in a feature article. And best of all, generous supporters spontaneously offered to help. The FPP team now includes an aviation photographer in San Diego who provides high-resolution images, a musician in Spain who creates unique opening and closing music, and a graphic designer in Australia who was so inspired by the show that he spent two weeks designing a complete refresh of the website and then offered to implement it pro bono.

You don’t have to be a former fighter pilot to take this to heart. That idea you’ve been kicking around—the one that keeps coming to mind at the oddest times—do something about it! Take the leap and share it with the world. Someone out there, probably several people, are waiting for your expertise, your ideas.

They’re waiting for you. And only you can give them you.

When you decide to act on this, please let me know how I can help. I don’t claim to be an expert on podcasting, or social media (…or anything, really), but I am reasonably good at figuring stuff out. The two of us can figure out a way.

This is not a solicitation, I just want to help you enjoy what I am experiencing. Sure, sticking your neck out is risky and a bit unnerving, but the validation is incredibly rewarding. Besides, with all this noise-generating technology, it’s never been easier.

So let’s get cracking! Send me an email or call the listener line (877.MACH.101 ext 2) and let’s discuss what you can share with the world, and how I can help you do it.

I look forward to the opportunity,

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