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The Podcast is Growing

The Podcast is Growing Thanks to listeners like you, the podcast has enjoyed tremendous success since launching just three short months ago. Already our 12 episodes have been downloaded 25,000 times by listeners in over 100 countries. Our Facebook page has surpassed 500 followers and our Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube platforms are seen growing interest. In addition to our website and Apple Podcast (i.e. iTunes), the podcast can now be heard on Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Play. It is both amazing and humbling to observe this impressive growth! Because of the positive reception and listener feedback the show has received, we have added new features to continue building our community. In March, we held two Facebook Live sessions where listener questions were answered real time. Despite a steep technological learning curve, both sessions were well attended by active, appreciative participants (big thanks if you were one of them!). Additionally, we recently launched an exclusive FPP community on Patreon and we’re amazed at how quickly several supporters have committed to sustaining the podcast financially. In doing so, patrons receive insider bonus content and early access to upcoming episodes. If you would enjoy the inside scoop, please consider adding your name to our list of committed supporters. Due to popular demand, we have begun the process of creating merchandise that will allow listeners to proudly display the FPP brand—be it shirts, hats, stickers, flight jacket patches, or other memorabilia. Developments come weekly so keep an eye on our Patreon and social media platforms for additional details.

What’s On Next Several new shows are currently recorded and in pre-production. In April, we will begin a multi-episode series on aircraft carrier operations covering details on the ship itself, catapult procedures and equipment, arresting gear equipment, and day and night landing procedures. Guests include a former aircraft carrier executive officer and former air wing landing signal officers, all of whom are tremendously knowledgeable in their fields. We also have an upcoming episode with a retired three-star admiral formerly in charge of all naval aviation forces and one with another war hero of the Vietnam conflict. There’s no shortage of exciting topics coming up on the show! These are exhilarating times here at The Fighter Pilot Podcast and I could not be more thrilled at having you as a trusted wingman. As always, if you have any inputs, questions, or suggestions for the show, please feel free to email, leave a message on our listener line (877.MACH.101), or reach out on any of our social media platforms. Thanks so much. We’ll see you around the show! Vincent “Jell-O” Aiello Host

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