092 – A-1 Skyraider

092 – A-1 Skyraider

Featured Guest
George Marrett
former U.S. Air Force captain

Few aircraft elicit such reverence and respect as those that could be counted on to respond at a moment’s notice when a downed aviator or embattled ground unit cried for help. In the Vietnam conflict, the aircraft that provided hours of on-station time with dozens of weapons stations and was responsible for saving hundreds of lives was none other than the venerable Douglas A-1 Skyraider.

On this episode, former U.S. Air Force captain George Marrett joins us to cover the usual ‘aircraft series’ topics and goes deep on the Skyraider’s “Sandy” mission in Vietnam, having flown nearly 200 such missions himself. George’s extensive experiences are expertly captured in his many books on everything from the Sandy missions to test piloting and even Howard Hughes, which was adapted for the feature film, The Aviator, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Learn more about the Estrella Warbirds Museum in Paso Robles, CA here.

Mr. Paul Wood of the Warbird Heritage Foundation returns this week as guest co-host to describe flying his Skyraider and helps answer listener questions on rain intrusion in the cockpit, FOD concerns for jet engines, and service wings insignia.

Bumper music by Jaime Lopez / announcements by Clint Bell. Artwork by Janek Krause. This episode was produced by our friends at the MuscleCarPlace Podcast Network.

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