080 – AC-130 Gunship

080 – AC-130 Gunship

Featured Guest
Colonel Craig “Buck” Walker
U.S. Air Force

Once in a while, popular culture affixes certain expressions—memes, really—to particular military aircraft. “Get some!” is affiliated with Vietnam-era Hueys; “I feel the need for speed,” is a Tomcat-ism; and the Warthog with its devastating 30 mm cannon has simply, “brrrrrrt.”

On this episode, U.S. Air Force Colonel Craig “Buck” Walker joins us to explain how the popular cry “Make it rain!” is anathematic to the AC-130 Gunship community, who pride themselves on precision lethality. Buck answers our usual ‘aircraft series’ questions and provides exclusive insight into this incredible platform and the amazing professionals who crew it.

During the listener question segment the host explains what airborne carrier aircraft do during a mishap on the flight deck, what a “squadron” is, and how many parts the various F-35 models have in common.

Episode announcements by Clint Bell / artwork by Janek Krause / intro music by various artists, theme music by Jaime Lopez. This episode was produced by our friends at The Muscle Car Place Podcast Network and is dedicated to the brave souls lost on Spirit 03 on January 31, 1999.

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