071 – Air-to-Air Mission Planning

071 – Air-to-Air Mission Planning

Featured Guest
Commander Guy "Bus" Snodgrass
U.S. Navy (Retired)

Employing an air-to-air missile beyond visual range is not simply a matter of detecting the target and pulling the trigger, a host of factors demand consideration. What is the threat and what kinds of missiles does it employ? From what speed and altitude? With this in mind we can plan to employ so that our missile hits the threat before the threat’s missile hits us. Knowing that drives when to shoot, and thus before that when to lock the threat, and before that…

This air-to-air mission planning results in chronological timelines that fighter aircrews must employ in demanding, chaotic, and ever-changing aerial engagements. On this episode, retired U.S. Navy Commander and former TOPGUN Instructor Guy “Bus” Snodgrass joins us to describe the many considerations and calculations needed to plan a winning air-to-air timeline.

Bus is an accomplished author, check out his first book on his experiences as speech writer for former Secretary of Defense James Mattis here. And please visit this episode’s sponsor, SimpliSafe, here.

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