057 – C-2 Greyhound

057 – C-2 Greyhound

Featured Guest
Lieutenant Commander Julio “JLO” Galvan
US Navy (Retired)

Everyone loves the sleek fighter jets, hovering attack planes, and other glamorous war machines that make the headlines and capture our attention, but few give more than a fleeting thought to the many other aircraft that perform crucial, yet unremarkable missions. One of those missions is logistical support, and only one airplane in history has been designed from the beginning to perform that mission to and from aircraft carriers.

On this episode, retired US Navy Lieutenant Commander Julio “JLO” Galvan joins us to discuss the Grumman C-2 Greyhound and the crucial carrier onboard delivery role it plays for carrier strike groups around the globe. Although not as flashy as a frontline fighter, the Greyhound performs a vital role in moving personnel, equipment, supplies, and even mail from ship to shore and vice versa. It can even be used to deploy parachuting SEALs, as depicted in this YouTube video.

During the listener question segment, Jell-O and Sunshine again discuss collateral duties in a Navy single-seat F/A-18 squadron, what constitutes a flight hour, whether the flight training pipeline does a good job of weeding out unfit student aviators, and if the “right stuff” actually exists.

New “cargo” bumper song by Jaime Lopez. Bumper announcements by Clint Bell. Artwork by patron Mark Myers.

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