047 – A-6 Intruder

047 – A-6 Intruder

Featured Guest
Commander Stephen “Cooter” Coonts
US Navy Reserve (Retired)

They say fighter pilots make movies while attack pilots make history. So, what happens when a former attack pilot writes a book—his first ever—that so accurately and engagingly captures Vietnam combat operations that it ends up on President Reagan’s desk before soaring up New York Times’ best seller charts? That’s right, they make a movie out of it.

On this episode, the Fighter Pilot Podcast is honored to host world renowned author and retired US Navy Reserve Commander Stephen “Cooter” Coonts. With nearly 50 aviation-themed books to his credit—including his out-of-the-gate runaway success, Flight of the Intruder—Mr. Coonts not only regales us with how he came to be such a prolific writer but, oh yeah, continues us along our aircraft series with a detailed explanation of the Grumman A-6 Intruder.

At the end of the discussion Mr. Coonts offers a sneak peek into what projects he is working on next, including a diversion from his typical fictional accounts for his latest work, Dragon’s Jaw, due out May 14, 2019 and available here.

Due to having a distinguished visitor on the show, there is no listener question segment on this episode. Bumper music by Jaime Lopez / announcements by Clint Bell. Episode artwork by Janek Krause.

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