041 – Dassault Rafale

041 – Dassault Rafale

Featured Guest
Lieutenant Pierre “Até” Chuet
French Navy

The SEPECAT Jaguar, Vought F-8 Crusader, Mirage F-1, Mirage 2000, Dassault Étendard and later the Super Étendard were all remarkable aircraft designed to do one or two missions well. But what may be most noteworthy about these aircraft is that they were all replaced by just one model: the incredibly-capable Dassault Rafale.

We conduct our first remote interview this week, welcoming Lieutenant Pierre “Até” Chuet of the French Navy who phoned in from the United Kingdom to answer our standard ‘aircraft series’ questions. Até paints a remarkable picture of the one aircraft that replaced so many others and currently serves as the frontline fighter for the French Navy and Air Force, as well as export countries.

During the listener question segment, we discuss the psychology of killing in war, personal camera regulations, left-handed F-16 pilots, and overhead break permissions at the ship. DCS aficionados: keep an eye on our Patreon page for developments and be sure to check out our new team member Baltic Dragon’s Facebook page.

Episode artwork by Janek Krause. Bumper music by Jaime Lopez.

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