040 – H-60 (Black / Sea) Hawk

040 – H-60 (Black / Sea) Hawk

Featured Guest
Commander Jeremiah "FRANK" Ragadio
US Navy

Few Western aerospace design and manufacturing firms can boast an aircraft so successful that it is flown by every branch of the US military, plus the Coast Guard and dozens of countries, with over 4,000 aircraft being built in dozens of configurations. No, it’s not the Lockheed C-130 Hercules or Bell UH-1 Huey. We’re talking the Sikorsky H-60 helicopter.

Joining us this episode to discuss the numerous H-60 variants (Blackhawk and Seahawk primarily, but also the Jayhawk and Pavehawk) is US Navy Commander Jeremiah Ragadio. “FRANK,” a career Seahawk pilot currently in training to assume a leadership position in a sea-going MH-60R squadron, offers a fascinating look at not only all the H-60 variants, but its armament and performance as well.

During the listener question segment we discuss land-based Navy squadrons, S-3 radio limitations, and aircraft carrier landing F/A-18E/F weight limits and ordnance considerations. Click here to read the latest ‘Musing’ on our website and here to view our inaugural ‘Deep Dive’ video.

Bumper announcements by Jim Hendershot; bumper music by Jaime Lopez. Episode artwork by Janek Krause.

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