037 – F/A-18 (Super) Hornet

037 – F/A-18 (Super) Hornet

Featured Guest
Lieutenant Commander Q "BBQ" Sterling
U.S. Navy (Retired)

What was it designed to do? What does it do well? What ordnance does it carry? Why does it look the way it does…?

…These are a few of the questions retired U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Q “BBQ” Sterling answers while explaining the Boeing F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet on this, our inaugural ‘aircraft series’ episode. These same questions will be posed to guests during future episodes on a variety of military aircraft include attack planes, bombers, cargo haulers, and more.

The unique, dual designation fighter and attack Hornet is renowned for its lethality and reliability. The follow-on, larger Super Hornet offers improved systems and avionics with two additional weapons stations and more “bring back” than its predecessor. Click here to learn more about Brad Elward’s authoritative book chronicling the Super Hornet development.

During the listener question segment, we discuss aircraft selection regrets, aircrew anthropometric limitations, where Sunshine and Jell-O were on 9/11, and what the Mutha trophy is.

Episode artwork by Janek Krause. Bumper music by Jaime Lopez / announcements by Jim Hendershot.