030 – Expendables

030 – Expendables

Featured Guest
Utah Air National Guard Maj. Sean “Bauer” Demeter

Advancements in weapons technology and lethality have spawned countermeasures for as long as humans have been warring. With the broadsword came plate armor. For arrows it was shields. And with the advent of radar, infrared tracking, and active missiles—came chaff, flares, and jammers.

On this episode, Utah Air National Guard Major Sean “Bauer” Demeter joins us to discuss the various countermeasures military aircraft employ to defend against surface- and air-to-air threats. Bauer also touches on ANG career paths and fighter squadron deployments to South Korea.

During the listener question segment, we discuss tactical performance tracking methods, whether there was a cover up with Duke and Willy D’s shootdown, why US fifth-generation fighters are only single-seat, and more.

Photo credit: US Air Force. Bumper music: Jaime Lopez.

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