026 – The MAGTF

026 – The MAGTF

Featured Guest
Retired US Marine Corps Major Darin "Wang" Chung

There may be a no more lethal or effective fighting unit than the Marine Air Ground Task Force. Comprised of combat Marines on land, in the air, and from the sea, the MAGTF is equally capable massing its formidable firepower to overwhelm and defeat an adversary as applying its vast resources and logistics network to assist in disaster relief and humanitarian roles.

On this episode, retired US Marine Corps Major and former F/A-18 pilot Darin “Wang” Chung joins us to describe the various MAGTF components including the Air Combat Element comprised of nearly every aircraft in the Marine Corps inventory such as the AH-1, AV-8B, C-130, CH-53, F/A-18, F-35B, MV-22, and UH-1.

Due to the interview length, this episode does not contain a listener question segment. Episode music, ‘Everybody Have Fun Tonight,’ performed by Wang Chung, Geffen Records. Artwork by Janek Krause.

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