017 – Desert Storm MiG Kill

017 – Desert Storm MiG Kill

Featured Guest
US Navy Captain Nick “Mongo” Mongillo

We’ve all heard that ‘war is hell.’ But this week on The Fighter Pilot Podcast, we hear it from a different perspective: that of a young pilot, new to the fleet and the F/A-18 Hornet, who finds himself fighting far from home in the fog of war, on the heels of the death of a beloved squadron mate.

Climb aboard as retired US Navy Captain Nick “Mongo” Mongillo tells the harrowing story of his downing an Iraqi MiG-21 on day one of Desert Storm. Live the experience as you hear the actual in-flight audio, then dissect it to learn what each call meant then, and how times have changed now.

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The Hornet’s First Victory album art by Mark Styling.

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