009 – Vietnam Ace

009 – Vietnam Ace

Featured Guest
Retired U.S. Navy Reserve Commander Bill “Willy D” Driscoll

On May 10, 1972, U.S. Navy lieutenants Randy “Duke” Cunningham and Bill “Willy D” Driscoll launched from the aircraft carrier Constellation in an F-4 Phantom II, callsign Showtime 100, on a “routine” flak suppression mission over North Vietnam. The strike force was met by dozens of enemy fighters and in the ensuing melee Duke and Willy D downed their third, fourth, and fifth enemy MiGs, becoming the Navy’s only aces of the conflict. But the eventful mission was far from over as Showtime 100 never made it back to the “Connie….”

Hear the rest of Willy D’s captivating story and the lifelong lessons he drew both from his combat experiences and subsequent interviews with dozens of other air combat aces around the world. Then find out how he turned those lessons into riveting presentations designed to improve the performance of a variety of audiences from TOPGUN classes to Fortune 500 executives. His experiences and lessons are articulated in his critically acclaimed book Peak Performance, How to Achieve Extraordinary Results Under Difficult Circumstances (Triple Nickel Press, 2012). Visit Willy D’s website to learn more about this true American hero.

Showtime 100 artwork by Philip West © The Military Gallery, CA www.militarygallery.com

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