001 – What is a ‘Fighter Pilot’?

001 – What is a ‘Fighter Pilot’?

Featured Guest
US Navy Commander Brian “Sunshine” Sinclair

If a soldier is a military combatant that fights on land, and a sailor is one that fights on sea, then what is a ‘fighter pilot’?

On this inaugural episode, U.S. Navy Commander Brian “Sunshine” Sinclair visits the show to discuss what a fighter pilot is, some characteristics typical of most fighter pilots, and the various paths to become one. We also debunk cliché Hollywood stereotypes while discussing what a fighter pilot decidedly is not.

Towards the end of the show we discuss a few of the jets used in civilian organizations, including the F-21 Kfir and Hawker Hunter flown by ATAC, the Super Tucano, and the L-39 Albatros.

Episode photography by Vincent Aiello. Royalty-free bumper music by Incompetech.