People love
fighter jets.

Whether it’s the thunderous roar of a high-speed flyby, the dramatic news footage from far away conflicts, or the captivating self-assuredness of the men and women who pilot them, military aircraft are fascinating to a lot of folks.

…of course, if you are reading this you already know all that. In fact, you’re probably one of them.

I am too.

About Me

Hello! My name is Vincent Aiello, callsign “Jell-O” (more on callsigns in episode 2), and this is The Fighter Pilot Podcast, the internet radio show that explores the fascinating world of air combat.

Vincent "Jello" Aiello

My infatuation with military jets began in early childhood and quickly became my life’s calling. After college I was fortunate to spend nearly a quarter of a century as a US Navy fighter pilot flying aircraft such as the F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet, F-16 Fighting Falcon, and A-4 Skyhawk. I deployed overseas on aircraft carriers numerous times and was selected to attend (and instruct at) the US Navy Fighter Weapons School, better known as TOPGUN.

I met many people over the course of my career who reminded me of the public’s more-than-passing interest in combat aircraft. Responses to learning what I did were typically, “that’s cool!” or, “man, I wanted to do that, but….” Circumstances permitting, the new acquaintance and I would frequently spend the next several minutes (or sometimes hours) discussing what it was like to fly a high-performance jet fighter, pull G’s, or land on an aircraft carrier at night.

This fascination with my profession was humbling and I know this experience was not unique to me—most of my fighter pilot friends report similar interactions.

Before retiring from the Navy in early 2017 I knew it was important to find a way to stay connected to the profession that so indelibly shaped my life. I also realized there must be a lot of people out there who would love to know more about what it’s like in the world of combat aviation but might never have an opportunity to find out, short of a chance encounter with a military pilot.

The Fighter Pilot Podcast seeks to satisfy both.

About the show

The Fighter Pilot Podcast is a thrice-monthly internet radio show that explores the fascinating world of air combat: the aircraft, the weapons systems, and—most importantly—the people.

Each episode lasts about an hour and features a guest who helps explain a relevant topic such as what an ejection seat is or how aerial refueling is performed. There is also a Q&A segment to answer listener questions.

If you would like to help fund this listener-supported show, and in the process gain access to exclusive content, please visit our Patreon page.

So jump right in and join the discussion! Look for The Fighter Pilot Podcast on
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You can e-mail us at questions@fighterpilotpodcast.com or leave a voice message at 877-MACH-101 (877-622-4101). Who knows? You may hear yourself on an upcoming episode.

Thanks for tuning in. I hope you enjoy the show.


Leon G, Facebook Follower

Topics are relevant. Content is gripping. Format, flawless and length just right! I’m on episode 14 and burning though them as quickly as life will permit… Only downside is I know at some point I’m going to catch up and have to wait for the next episode… ? Great work and thank you!

Jayden C, Listener

I tried to enlist in the army to fly helicopters [but] was medically disqualified. I was completely devastated. I’ve spent the last few years feeling lost without a purpose and in a very dark place. Since I’ve found The Fighter Pilot Podcast it has reignited a fire and a passion in me I had forgotten … Read more

Daniel C, Airline Pilot

Listening to the [V-22] Osprey episode on my way to [the airport] this afternoon and I missed my exit, which is in my book, the best compliment I can give a podcast!

Becky S, Former Guest

Thank you for being an ambassador for aviation and encouraging people to pursue a career in the aircraft. That close knit community you’ve created on the air waves really brings about that wardroom feel of Naval Aviation, and you are definitely giving your listeners a glimpse of that!

Matt K, Software Engineer

I hope you know how much your work is appreciated, not just by the kids who want to follow in your footsteps, but by older folks who – for whatever reason – never lived the dream. Thank you for sharing a bit of your world, and for being an awesome storyteller & interviewer…

Bryce N, Model Builder

You’re really doing this right. I’ve been listening to some other things since I got caught up and none of them have the tone and energy that [Jell-O] and Sunshine bring every episode. You have this incredible ability to make us feel like we’re in the conversation with you, not just listening passively.

Julian H. PhD

You have a humility, compassion and honesty that is infectious to listen to. It’s not just about the aeroplanes, nor necessarily the people – there are other sources that cover some of that ground – but you do it in a way that makes me feel amongst my own kind. Your guests reflect your enthusiasm, … Read more

Elliott D, Army Transportation Officer

Listening to your guests and their various stories and paths of how they earned the title of military aviator added fuel to the fire that was already burning in me. I buckled down, contacted the right recruiter and, over the course of a few months, took the army’s flight aptitude test, flight physical, completed my … Read more

Brian Shul, SR-71 ‘Sled Driver’

Really enjoyed our time together, one of the better interviews I’ve done.

Al R, Patreon Strike Lead

I’m the new [intelligence officer] for a Growler squadron. Information like this helps me understand what it’s like behind a cockpit without having the opportunity to fly myself.

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